Ways to earn money as a Java Developer

Ways to earn money as a Java developer

As a Java developer, you may have thought about how to make money. It’s not just about you, but almost everyone wants to maximize their income by using their skills. In addition, many Java developers are trying to change their work for a variety of reasons, including: For skills development, low wages, etc.

If you fall into one of the above categories, you are in the right place, because we will discuss some creative ways to earn money as a Java developer. But before we get into it, we’ll learn why Java offers many ways to make money.

Java is one of the most important programming languages among developers. It is also used for beginner computer education. In addition, its authority and popularity can easily be evaluated by the third interactive ranking of the IEEE spectrum. The same pattern can be seen on Livecoding.tv, where Java is one of the broadcasters most popular languages.

Like any other programming language, it can work in different areas and have an impact. So which positions can you occupy with your Java knowledge? Let’s examine the different options below.

Transfer Java development and become a freelancer

He has already done several Java projects. All are perfectly prepared, but besides the GitHub repository you do not have much to show. This is very common for the current generation of developers and is not a bad way to prove their abilities. However, the art of contracting is changing dramatically as managers are more interested in seeing the programmer in action than in getting an overview of what he’s been doing. How do you overcome this requirement and make yourself felt?

To be noticed, you need to start transferring the Java development and projects. There are many platforms that you can do. However, Livecoding.tv is a good solution for transferring and building your portfolio for the freelance market they offer. Not only do you have to show your skills to other users on the site, you also build your portfolio. Unlike other traditional freelance platforms such as UpWork, creating your portfolio is a visual way that enables potential clients to assess their abilities.

Build the Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is the latest activity in the industry. The ability to connect devices is inherently new. An intelligent article in Oracle discusses the impact of Java on the IoT. Of course, if you decide to work in the IoT, there is plenty of room for maneuver. How did it start? You can create devices that can run IoT or create software that can work harmoniously with devices in an IoT environment.

Make cloud computing

Cloud Computing, like the Internet of Things, is a diving sport. Java, with its portability feature, helps you develop and manage cloud computing solutions. In addition, Java is a multi-functional programming language that allows you to work in mobile, desktop, and cloud applications. For example, Heroku offers a cloud platform that uses Java. In addition, there are many PaaS that allow you to immerse yourself in cloud computing. Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure include provisions to host and efficiently manage Java applications.

Invest your time in building robots

There are so many claims that predict robots accepting trivial jobs. Can that happen? In the opinion of many prolific thinkers, artificial intelligence is approaching us, and it is time for jobs to be halved and damned. Although many jobs cannot be replaced, but thanks to the robot’s uprising, new jobs are being created.

As a Java developer, you can help create, maintain and innovate the robots of the future. You can create applications that can be used by robots. If you feel really safe, you can create a robot operating system. The scope is huge and it’s a good time to start the journey now.

Write web applications

Web development in Java is still popular in the creation of web applications despite the negative annotation of the Java programming language. With tools like the Play Framework, Java development can be done very quickly compared to other agile web development frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails. In addition, Java is always the option for web applications that require high performance. For example, Twitter started with Ruby on Rails, but was ported to JVM for performance reasons. There is another market for web applications developed with Java.

Manage a Java blog

If you love the Java programming language, you should turn your passion into blogs. Blogging is a difficult undertaking because you will only achieve minimal returns at the beginning of your blog career. Therefore, it is advisable to do something related to blogs. By writing, you can create a brand for others that will earn you a good amount. Not to mention that there are several techniques that allow you to monetize blog content and make a passive income after some time. Here are some high quality java blogs. Check and understand how much work is required to create a quality blog.

Become a scientist

With the rise of scientific innovation, there are many opportunities to contribute to scientific research in many areas. Solving programming language problems is not new. Most of the time, Python is used for troubleshooting, but Java is not far away. In this Quora thread, you can read several Java libraries that can be used for scientific work. With Java, you can easily create templates using your 2D and 3D libraries, so you’re at the top of your game.

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Develop Java games

Developing games is one of the best ways to use your Java talent. You can use your knowledge to get a job in an existing company or start developing indie games. There are many developers who use Java as the main language for game development.

Become a Java developer

As a Java developer, you can do many things and participate in many ways. You just have to be careful if you are not trying to do many things at the same time. Go to a field and press it before you experience something else.


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