Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript, also known as ECMAScript, is a powerful client-side web programming language used to add JavaScript functionality to a Web page and create advanced web applications.There is no need for an external program to run JavaScript. All you need is your browser to interpret the JavaScript code and display the results.The most significant advantages of JavaScript are its ability to produce the same result in all modern browsers.

HTML is a great tool to show content. JavaScript is a great way to add interactions. JavaScript is used to manipulate, automate and dynamically customize the data of the web page. JavaScript is a language that is case-sensitive. var data = 10; and data var = 10; they are different variables. Therefore, be careful when writing JavaScript.

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. JavaScript has dynamic data types, operators, objects and methods. Its syntax comes from the C and Java languages. JavaScript uses a semicolon to complete its declarations.

Advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript

This lesson highlights the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript. JavaScript is a versatile and effective language that is used to extend the functionality to create sophisticated websites. The following are the pros and cons of JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

The biggest advantages for a JavaScript have the ability to produce the same result in all modern browsers.

  • Client execution: No matter where you host JavaScript, always run in the client’s environment to save bandwidth and speed up the execution process.
  • Interactivity of the user interface: JavaScript used to dynamically fill the data of the Web page, such as the drop-down list of a country and a state. Base in the Country, State selected drop-down list is filled dynamically. Another is the form validation, absent / incorrect fields that can alert users through the alert box.
  • Rapid development: JavaScript syntax is easy and flexible for developers. JavaScript small piece of code that you can easily test in the console panel (within the development tools) in a time navigator interpret the result of return output. Short easy language to catch the development.
  • Compatible with Browser: The biggest advantages for a JavaScript have the ability to support the entire modern browser and produce the same result.
  • Object XMLHttpRequest (): XMLHttpRequest is a special JavaScript object that was created by Microsoft. XMLHttpRequest object call as an HTTP request asynchronous to the server to transfer data to both sides without reloading the page.

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Disadvantages of JavaScript

Greater disadvantages of a JavaScript, code visible to all.

  • Code always visible: The biggest disadvantage is the code always visible to everyone who can see the JavaScript code.
  • Little slow execution: no matter how fast JavaScript interprets, JavaScript DOM (model object model) is slow and will be a never fast representation with HTML.
  • Stop Render: the single JavaScript error can be stopped to render with the entire site. However, browsers are extremely tolerant of JavaScript errors.

JavaScript limitations

  • Here are some things you cannot do with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript cannot access databases.
  • JavaScript cannot write anything to a server without using a server-side script.
  • If you do not open a browser window using JavaScript, you cannot close this browser window with JavaScript. You can only close an open JavaScript window.

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Java and JavaScript are the same?

No, Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages in the two concepts.

Java is a more powerful, popular and complex programming language (like C, C ++, Objective C). Whereas JavaScript is a web programming language that performs its functions in a client’s browser.

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