How much Java is necessary for Selenium testing

How much Java is needed for Selenium testing

How much java is needed for selenium testing? Java is one of the languages used to write automation scripts in the Selenium. Selenium supports other languages, as well as python, ruby, c #, javascript, etc. However, java gained wide acceptance in the industry as the preferred language for selenium.

This means that it is advisable to learn java for selenium, as it will also help improve your career prospects.

Java programming for Selenium

Java is a broad language. However, you need not learn all the features of Java, since this is not necessary for the test automation selenium. You only need to learn a selected part of the Java language. This is good news.

There is always an apprehension and fear among non-programmers, about learning any programming language. It is perceived that the programming term itself is scare away many professionals from entering automation tests. This led many competent testing professionals to move away from selenium testing and automation. The reasons for these concerns are for the following reasons:

  1. The programming seems a bit geeky and there is a general impression that not everyone can be a programmer. It requires some special abilities.
  2. Many graduates (not engineers) believe that only engineers can be programmers. This discourages, another talented and capable way, graduates thinking about entering this promising field of automation testing from scratch.

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Java necessary for selenium

So how much java is necessary to learn selenium? Let’s try and look at the general topics, you need to master for selenium. This is also the order, in which we recommend our students as well. This makes learning a little easier.

Structure and essential of the Java program – You need to understand what are the main components of each Java program. This structure is important. Next, you need to understand the development environment, the compilation and the execution of the program

Variable concepts – People find it difficult to understand this concept when they start. You need a little effort to learn this.

Language structures such as If-else, while, for loop, etc – These are the essential Java language and help in building logic

Classes and Objects – Learn the concept of classes and objects. At that time, this becomes really important. But do not try to learn at the beginning.

Arrays – How do we handle several data sets in Java? Arrays allows us to do that. This is necessary because you will usually use several sets of test data to test an application or screen.

Collections – Collections help in the management of datasets more efficiently than matrices. Set, list and map are three types of collections, you need to learn.

Handing files – Another important topic for Java. To write your automation scripts, you will also collect file data (in general, Excel and CSV). Then you need to know how to open and create files, read data from files, etc.

Learning Java for Selenium

It is natural that learning java may seem like a monumental task at first. But, believe, with proper planning, focus and effort, many managed to do it successfully.

The program editor like Eclipse, has become increasingly friendly, helping programmers to indicate errors and accurate solutions. In addition, the Internet offers a large amount of resources in the form of ready programs for most situations.


It is important to follow the sequence in which you will learn the above topics. This makes a lot of difference. Some of the conceptual themes in Java can be really confusing, if you do not learn with the right approach. This is one of the reasons why many leave halfway.


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