Features of Java

Features Of Java

The main reason for the creation of Java was to bring portability and security functionality for a computer language. In addition to these two main characteristics, many other resources played an important role in forming the final form of this excellent language. These are the Features of java :

1) Simple

Java is easy to learn and syntax is simple, Java is clear and easy to understand. Confusing and ambiguous C ++ concepts are ignored in Java or have been implemented more clearly.

For example: operator pointers and overhead are not present in Java, but they were an important part of C ++.

2) Object Oriented

In Java, everything is an object that contains data and behavior. Java can be easily extended because it is based on the object model.

3) Robust

Java strives to eliminate the error-prone code, concentrating mainly on the validation of compilation errors and verification of execution. But the main areas in which Java improved include memory management and the improper handling of exceptions, automatic garbage collection and the handling of exceptions.

4) Independent platform

Unlike other programming languages, such as C, C ++, etc., which is compiled in specific machines of the platform. Java is a unique language that works everywhere.

During compilation, the Java program is compiled in the bytecode. This bytecode is independent of the platform and can be run on any machine, in addition to that bytecode format, which also provides security

5) Secure

For security reasons, Java is always the first option. With Java’s secure resources, we can develop a system without viruses and temperament. The Java program always runs in the Java runtime environment, practically without interaction with the operating system and, therefore, more secure.

6) Multi-threading

With the Java multithreading function, you can write a program that can perform several tasks simultaneously. The benefit of multithreading is that it uses the same memory and other resources to execute several subprocesses at the same time, since grammatical errors are checked during recording.

7) Architecturally neutral

The compiler generates bytecodes that have nothing to do with a specific computer architecture; Therefore, it is easy to interpret a Java program on any machine.

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8) Portable

The Java byte code can be transported on any platform. No resources depending on the implementation. Everything about the memory is predetermined, for example: size of the primitive data types

9) High performance

Java is an interpreted language, so it will never be faster than a compiled C or C ++ language. But Java allows high performance with the use of the compiler at the right time.

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New features of JAVA 8

Here are some of the main improvements in the Java 8 version: find them quickly and explore them later.

  • Better productivity, optional class function supply, lambda expressions, flows, etc.
  • Easy to deal with
  • Improved polyglot programming. A polyglot is a program or script that is written in several programming languages in a valid format and executes the same operations in several programming languages.
  • Better security and performance.


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