Java Career opportunities

Java Career opportunities

As of 2018, there are many opportunities for Java programmers. With a projected growth rate of 19% for the period 2014-2024 (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for all application programs), the career prospects of Java programmers are truly excellent.

  • Java is everywhere: on all platforms and devices and in all countries of the world. It allows developers to make programs work anywhere. Over time, the importance and popularity of Java are on the rise, as it has the magic in its remarkable ability to innovate and transform as the technological landscape changes.
  • It is still the most widespread platform if you want to use it to develop smart card applications, mobile applications or business applications on the server side.
  • Java is not only easy to learn, but it is also designed in such a way that it is easy to use, easy to write, compile, debug and learn compared to other programming languages. It also allows to create reusable codes and modular programs.


To be considered for a Java Programmer position, at least, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, mathematics or the equivalent. Some employers require a master’s degree as well. With some exposure to Java programming, it should be relatively easy to get a basic level job in a company. Some employers can accept candidates without a formal education in one of those areas, instead of substantial technical expertise and knowledge. However, the more education and experience you have, the more attractive you will appear to an employer.

Career Path in Java

Java is a fast-growing programming language. Here are the reasons for this:

  1. Java is independent of the platform. No matter where the Java program is written, it will run on any other operating system (OS) with any processor.
  2. Java is open source.
  3. Java supports dynamic web applications.
  4. The various Java resources, such as Java Applets, JSP, JavaBeans, JDBC for the database, etc., give Java an advantage over other programming languages.
  5. Java is the safest and most robust language. The error handling in Java is much more robust compared to C / C ++. Java finds most errors at compile time.
  6. Java has an embedded garbage collection.

Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP). The Java code / program is executed by the Java virtual machine (JVM). The Java compiler converts Java source code into byte code and then the bytecode of the Just-In-Time compiler becomes machine code, which makes it independent of the platform. Then the code of the machine is executed. When considering career in Java, these are the qualities of Java that give an advantage over other programming languages. If you are already a Java developer, you have a great opportunity in your career.

As for the career in Java, it is better that the person has knowledge not only of Java, but also of other technologies, such as jobs like ‘Android Developers’, ‘Java UI Developers’, etc. people who can handle several projects in the J2EE, complementing the industrial benefit. Therefore, if a person has knowledge of J2EE incorporated into other technologies, they can obtain a well-paid job.

As a career in Java, a person must have knowledge of the following Java technologies:

  • Basic concepts of Java: the basic concept of object-oriented programming, exception handling, multithreading, etc.
  • Client programming: JavaScript + HTML + CSS.
  • Database (any RDBMS).
  • Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF are some of the frameworks that need to be brushed.
  • Basic knowledge of middleware technologies, such as EJB, RMI is sufficient.

The above mentioned skills are necessary or at least some of the skills are necessary for your resume before pursuing a career in Java.

Work position or application area

Java started a new era for the IT sector. There are several incredible products and many services born using Java. Java developers / programmers have a big role in transforming the IT market. Java affects everything from mobility (ie, Android) to middleware (that is, the Hadoop) and, therefore, has a future in evolution.

Basically, Java is not just a programming language, but it is a programming environment to develop and implement corporate applications.

It is important for the information technology sector to develop and create several web-based or based applications

It is important for the information technology sector to develop and create several web-based or server-based applications to improve industrial competition. There is a large space for this programming language.

As a career for Java developers / programmers, anyone can consider following the job functions.

  • Web developer
  • Application developer
  • EJB programmer
  • Software developer
  • Testing
  • Graphic designer
  • A professional teacher in Java

The functions mentioned above are some of the Java career tasks that you can expect in Java.

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There is no denial of the fact that Java is the most significant thing that happened with the IT industry after C ++. It has an illustrious journey since its inception and has been the backbone of many new products and services that surprised the world. Then, it becomes even more important and equally curious to talk about its future. Regarding the future of Java, it will be interconnected with the agile and lean thinking that will allow the Java community to continue innovating and providing quality systems that meet business needs.

  • I believe that developers have a role to play in this story, helping to accelerate the IT evolution of isolated systems for collaborative development.
  • Joins many of the world’s leading IT systems and is in a good position to play a role in future innovation.
  • The best part of Java is that its ecosystem is self-sustaining, from mobility to middleware, it impacts everything and will continue to have a great impact in the future as well.

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